System Information and Sizing Guide

Solar Water Technologies Systems provide water to livestock in remote locations.Solar Water Technologies Systems are a high quality, value-adding solution in thousands of livestock watering and residential water supply installations worldwide.

STEP 1 – Determine if a submersible or surface pump is best for your project. Submersible pumps are sometimes suitable for either deep well or surface water sources. Surface water pumps can draw water from only 20-25 feet below ground level, but they can push it far uphill.

STEP 2 – Determine how much water per day is required. You can use the following standards:

Each person for all purposes requires 75 gallons (285 liters) per day
Each milking cow requires 35 gallons (133 liters) per day
Each cow/calf pair requires 20 gallons (76 liters) per day
Each horse or dry cow requires 20 gallons (76 liters) per day
Each sheep or goat requires 2 gallons (7.6 liters) per day
Each hog or 100 chickens requires 4 gallons (15.2 liters) per day

STEP 3 – Determine if your water source will produce enough water to supply the pump system. You may determine you need 7 gallons per minute but if your water source only produces 3 gallons per minute you will be unable to sustain your daily water requirement. If the water source is a well or stream and the flow rate is unknown you can have a pump test performed. Visit the Water System Council's site for links to a vast stockpile of information regarding groundwater and water wells.

STEP 4 – Provide the following key measurements crucial to designing a solar water pumping system.

Well casing size ___________________
Distance from surface to dynamic water level during pump testing ___________________
Dynamic water level ___________________
Distance from the surface to the static water level ___________________
Static water level ___________________
Vertical lift from well casing to delivery point ___________________
For Surface pumps
Suction lift (vertical distance from water to pump) ___________________
Pressure lift (vertical distance from pump to delivery point) ___________________

STEP 5 – Go to the Production Chart and find the Total Vertical Lift which corresponds to your well or project. Move across the column to determine Flow Rate (in gallons per hour) produced by different models for that vertical lift. Multiply the hourly Flow Rate by 4-6 hours for Winter production if the System will be used year-round or 8-10 hours for Summer only operation. Compare this figure to total daily water requirements determined above and select the System which provides sufficient volume at the lowest cost.

For deep (250’+) or high output systems click here
For wells less than 250’ click here

STEP 6 - Call us at 800-952-7221 or click here to send us the information you have for complete system design and quote.

Note: Most of our pumps fit a 4 or 5 inch well casing. Make sure to select a pump that will fit your casing. For 3 inch casings, contact us for a Grundfos SQ Flex System quotation.

If you don’t see a system meeting your needs or have any questions about sizing your system, please call us at 800-952-7221 for information and quotation on our other lines of Solar and Wind Powered Water Pumping Systems. As an industry leading Systems Integrator, we can build just about anything needed to fit your requirements with units available to pump up to 525 feet vertically or supply 40,000+ gallons of water daily!