Solar powered pumping system for remote area water needs.Solar Water Technologies Solar Water Pump Systems are ideal for use in a wide range of solar energy applications. From Livestock Watering to Remote Home or Village Water Supply, these Solar Operated Water Pumps are well suited and proven to meet your water pumping needs using Solar Energy!

As a leading company in the solar powered water pumping industry, Solar Water Technologies offers systems that have an excellent track record for reliability and cost-effective solar water pumping proven by more than 15 years performance in the field!

Solar water pump product information, sizing guidelines, water pumping flow charts and design assistance request pages are all here on our site for your review. We offer water pumping systems sized to your needs according to water depth, required production, application, and estimated daily hours of sunlight. Our systems feature surface pumps or submersible pumps that can be installed in well casings as small as 3 inches.

We now offer a solar water pumping system
designed for pool filtration use.

Solar Water Technologies Systems provide water to cattle in remote locations.Solar Water Technologies solar water pumping system installation is straightforward, usually taking one or two persons a few hours to complete. Solar Water Technologies solar water pump systems include the solar powered water pump and controller, solar panels, pole top solar panel rack, and complete system wiring harness for quick installation. Our standard line of systems can pump from vertical lifts of up to 525 feet or pump up to 12,000 gallons of water per day at no lift. You don’t have to be an expert -we will design a system for you and give you the information to do the installation yourself.

If you do not see a solar powered water pump system here that meets your needs, please contact us for custom configurations including the Grundfos SQ Flex Pump for higher volume Systems (up to 40,000+ gallons per day) and pumps for deeper wells (over 500 feet vertical). As systems integrators we are capable of designing and building just about anything needed to fulfill the demands of your project.

Solar Water Technologies solar water pumping systems are always in stock in Fredericksburg, TX and we normally ship Same Day on orders placed by 12 noon CST. For answers to any additional questions or to place an order, please call us Toll Free at 800-952-7221 Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST when you are ready to proceed.

Solar Water Technologies Systems provide water to cattle in remote locations.

Solar Water Technologies Systems are:

  • Flexible - The answer for your water supply needs no mater the application. Ideal Uses Include: Livestock Watering, Irrigation [Traditional or Drip], and Water Supply For Remote Homes and Villages.
  • Reliable - Our system components have been used in thousands of projects for more than a decade with installations completed throughout the United States and around the world!
  • Portable - Lightweight and easily transportable ~ allows usage on multiple water sources. Total system (pump-controller-panels-mounts) weighs under 60 lbs [28 kg].
  • Economical - Comparable or lower in price than other water pumping options. Offers one of the industry’s best cost to production ratios over the life of the system (expected total life is 20-30 years).

In addition to those mentioned above, Solar Water Technologies Systems have been successfully employed for pumping in:

  • Irrigation (both small-scale Traditional and Drip)
  • Orchard and Tree Nursery Watering
  • Fish Ponds
  • Pollution Monitoring and Remediation Wells
  • Wildlife Water Supply
  • Backup Systems

Contact Us With Information On Your Specific Application And We'll Assist You
In Selecting The Proper System Customized To Match Your Needs!


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